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    NAMO - MZ001 is a computer-controlled device designed for measuring of ring gear inner diameter and ovality. In extremely short time a 100 per cent checking of gears manofactured in series can be conducted. The device can be used either in a production plant or la. Its service life long. Its special feature is the measuring method which, despite of the measuring part elasticity, still ensures absolutely accurate measurement. Computer control allows statistical alaboration of data and display of various diagrams and tables on the screen.

    The characteristics of the device are as follows:
        · absolute accuracy of measurement of the 0,01 mm diameter
        · measurement of ovality with the accuracy of 0,02 mm
        · standard repeatability deviation of 0,02 mm
        · measuring time: 20 sec
        · display of results on screen
        · input of tolerance limits
        · sound and visual signalization when exceeding permitted values
        · statistical elaboration of measured values
        · measuring range 250 – 272 mm, possible modification

    Gear measuring device