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    We developed a finishing and testing line for the company ELEKTROKOVINA that is a producer of ballasts for tubular and compact fluorescent lamps.

    The line is assembled of aluminum profiles, a conveyor belt with plastic sockets, manipulators, measuring instruments, microcontroller and a PC with supervising and data storage functions.

    A family of new developed ballasts and also all still produced old types of ballasts can be assembled on this line. The finishing cycle is 5 seconds, that means that 5000 ballasts can be finished in one shift. There are two manual and four automatic working places on this line (clip assembling, clip fixing, screwing, automatic control, separation of bad ballasts and printing).

    The control and measuring system that is incorporated in this line makes the measurements with required accuracy in the time of the production cycle. These measurements are : transition resistance, contact between coils, insulation strength and nominal current. All these values are wired to the microcontrolled that controls the whole process.

    SCADA (Supervisory control and data acquisition) is realized with a personal computer and assures data acquisition and presentation in real time. It also saves measured data and informs about the status of some constituent elements. The main data is printed in form of protocol.

    Data is saved in data bank being permanently at one’s disposal. They are intended for statistical purposes of production process and do represent solid basis for evaluation of production quality.

    Ballast finishing and testing line