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    We built a modern production line for the needs of the prefab houses industry in Slovenija. The assembly line for walls is a modern combination of technology, mechanical construction and microcomputer control and surveillance. It consists of five tables with dimensions approx. 10m x 3m, that are positioned as seen on the picture.

    On the tables 1 and 2 the composition of wall construction is taking place. The mechanism on this two tables assures the force and the rectangularity using the asynchronous motors and frequency modulation. The next step is joining the elements using the pneumatic and electrical tools and assembling the upper side plates.

    When this is finished the wall is automatically overturned from table 2 to table 3. The movements from table 1 to table 2, from table 3 to table 4 and from table 4 to table 5 are done simultaneously. On the tables 3 and 4 the isolation and installations are inserted and the other plate is fixed.

    The transport on all five tables is performed using the electrical driven cylinders on a chain, that enable movements in the direction as indicated on the first picture.

    The mechanical construction and the working procedure can be adapted to production specifics and the space possibilities of the production hall.

    Schema for the production line of prefabricated walls of houses


    Table for the manufacture of prefabricated walls of houses