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    The plant is meant to clean the flue gas, which is result of solid and liquid waste combustion. The principle of wet cleaning of flue gas and neutralization with natrium lye is used in this plant. The whole procedure is monitored and controlled by twenty four controllers and one personal computer. We achieved an overview of the process, its control and monitoring with this combination.

    The solid waste is burned in precombustion chambers. The flue that appears there is highly flammable and is burned together with flammable and unflammable liquid waste at the temperature of 1000°C to 1300°C. The combination of flammable and unflammable material is monitored by microcontrollers and can be set from the personal computer in the controlling room. The burning chamber is high enough to hold the flue gas for two to three second. This period assures the chemical decomposition to elements.

    We wanted the cleaning to be most profound and successful. So the technology of wet washing was chosen. The absorption of acid flue components is attained by mild solution of natrium lye (NaOH). The cooled gases are led through candle filters which absorb large water drops. The water is then pressed through a filter press where the inorganic salts and suspended solid particles are collected.

    This plant cleans the flue gas to 99.8 %. It is usable for almost all sorts of solid and liquid waste. The aggravating of environment is as low as possible. The spare thermical energy can be used for warming of neighboring objects.

    Schema incinerator


    Special waste burning plant