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    Automatic adjustment device enables automatic measurement and adjusting of relays. Therefore a quality of product is improved, workers burdening is reduced and final control speed is increased.

    The device has been developed and produced for the manufacturers of bowden pulls and their purposes.

    In em.tronic we developed a measuring device for the company IREL Iskra - releji that is a producer of miniature relays. Measuring device is used for testing electrical and mechanical characteristics of monostable and bistable relays.

    We have made a model of the industrial process for high technical schools within the Phare programme. This model is suitable for technical school subjects as controlling, adjusting and measuring on real models.

    As Slovenian agriculture associate into European association, are demands from winegrowers for rational production according to reduction of prices and increase quality final products. That’s preliminary condition for competitive appearance on EU markets. Production costs need to be reduced by optimal function, with controlled adding protecting enologyc substances and regular dunging vine.

    Programme for processing chemical data CHEMNET is written in LabView with a help of some additional libraries. The programme run in operating system Windows NT on more PC integrated in local network.